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what do seizures feel like?

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      I haven't had seizures since 2013, I believe it was, but I had three seizures back to back. Mine are stress induced. I remember standing there talking to my parents about something, and then suddenly I felt like I was gonna faint, but instead, I blacked out for a minute before coming to. My dad drove me to the hospital after that and I had two more seizures in the car on the way. They passed it off as "fainting spells" after being there for 4 hours, but I learned a few years ago they were psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. I lost control of my body for that full minute, everything went numb.

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Seizures can feel different for each person. Some people are only aware of it once it's over and they wake up, often feeling nauseous and very out of it. Others may not have any signs before a seizure happens. After a seizure, some people feel as if they were hit by a bus, barely able to move a muscle, and their mind all rambled. Some people get chills, jitters, nausea, and then dissociate into a daze like falling asleep before a seizure. After the seizure, they might feel like they're waking up and are suddenly hit with a lot of emotions. For some, seizures can come with symptoms like deja vu, a spiritual feeling, vivid visual memories, dizziness, anxiety, or euphoria. They might also feel tired afterward, often with a headache on one side.

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