Hi, I've been having symptoms of anemia since 2018ish but have never really thought it was something wrong with me rather than lifestyle. I went to the doctors August 2022 had a blood test ,definitely anemic, they are no help at all so I researched myself I have 2 ferrous sulphate tablets each day and I'm still involuntarily falling asleep and feeling weak should I take more or should I look at other medications?


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  • MargoBegal


    I also struggle with Anemia and my doctors just tell me to eat better and thats all. I also got told i wasn’t eating enough protein so maybe thats the same for you? We need protein to get energy too alongside iron. Also take your iron with a fruit juice. Vitamin C helps you absorb iron faster and you’ll be able to feel a difference. If after everything you still feel weak and tired ask your doctor for more tests.

  • AnimalBoy


    You may also want to monitor your diet, I could take all the iron I want but if I go too long without eating red meat or shrimp I still look and feel like a walking corpse. If you have a nutritional issue and they only tested you for anemia you may to be tested for other deficiencies as well as many have similar symptoms.

  • Stoke


    You could be suffering from malabsorption which means your body isn’t absorbing the nutrients that you are consuming. This is tested by your doctor; a faecal elastase test will show that your pancreas and liver are producing the enzymes to break down and digest your food.

  • Nkc


    I take B12 injections once a months.. not perfect but better than the pills

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