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hi, this is my first time on here, i have depression with anxiety plus panic attacks, I'm goung through a hard time ATM and am wondering if i should ask my doctor about medical canibus, has anyone tried it and what are the resaults, I'm already on luvox and valium, any help would be appreciated.

    • NurospicyPotato


      It will only mask the issue not help them another way of looking at it is your only treating the symptoms not the cause. Finding out whats the root cause of your problems is going to help you way more. I soeak as someone that used cannabis for 15+ years n now im not trust me when i say it only made things significantly worse. CBD oil through a vape would be a better avenue for the panic attacks side of things but understand that if you have family history of mental disorders other then what you have already you may just be drawing them forward. And making your situation way worse.

    • Laurajane71160


      I would also like to know about medical cannabis, for all of the pain. I recently moved to North Carolina, and I don’t know if they do that here I’m so depressed that I moved from many reasons and I could use some support and I can offer some support.

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Some individuals have found relief from anxiety and panic attacks through the use of medical cannabis, while others have recommended medications such as CeleXA, Prestiq, CBD, L-theanine, magnesium glycinate supplements, hydroxyzine, gabapentin, buspirone, Cymbalta, Prozac, and Lexapro. A test called GeneSight can also help determine which medicines will be most effective based on your DNA. However, everyone's experience with medication is different, so it's important to discuss these options with your doctor.

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