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I had lab work done last month and it showed that my iron levels were almost non-existent and my Doctor said that she was going to send a script to the Pharmacy for it. Well 3 weeks went by and she never sent it. So the nurse said to take a over the counter supplement and I started one about 2 weeks ago it's 65mgs, 325mg of Ferrous Sulfate. And I am not feeling any better actually I am feeling worse when I take it I feel more tired and I get a headache from it. I was told by someone that you can get an IV Infusion that will make you feel better quicker. I am just asking has anyone ever tried this and does it work and is there any advice you can give me to help me feel better. T.I.A For the advice.

    • Beetle444


      I had to have IV iron infusions because after taking oral supplements for years, my levels were still super low. In my case it’s because I have Crohns and intestinal inflammation was preventing nutrients from being absorbed as well as they should be. I looked up “how long do iron supplements take to work” and it looks like the answer is about 1-4 weeks. So the supplements could still kick in. One piece of advice my doctors gave me is that having Vitamin C with iron helps your body absorb the iron. To achieve that, you could either take another supplement, or you could take your iron with orange juice.

    • Shazrossy


      I have just had my second infusion done 2 weeks ago. I need to get my blood's checked again next week. My first one really worked for me. But for some reason it never stays in the right range for more than a year.

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Some individuals have reported feeling better after receiving iron infusions, which are typically administered when oral supplements are not effective or cause side effects. It can take up to 8 weeks for the effects of the infusion to be noticeable. Additionally, some people have found that taking iron with vitamin C helps with absorption and effectiveness. However, it's important to consult with your doctor before making any changes to your treatment plan.

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