How does schizophrenia impair cognition and comprehension? I've been experiencing difficulty with comprehension and would like to understand what is going on.


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  • Jelly_JellyFish


    Yes it effects memory, concentration, and comprehension

  • Tera


    I forget all of the time. I thought it was just a side effect from my medicine for being on it for about 10 years. Longterm. Not sure.

  • lilkitten


    My memory is horrible :[

  • deathlost


    Comprehensive wise, I've never been able to think logically. You're sort of in a limbo state where your logic defies anything real. Delusions, is what they call that. Cognitive, you slowly decline, even with medication. I feel like each year I just get more stupid, to put it bluntly. My memory sucks already with ADHD & BPD as well.

    • lilkitten


      I feel pretty stupid too TBH.

  • PutterThePig


    That's a loaded question, and I think the answer is different for everyone. I would do some research on that

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