heyo, earlier this year I damaged my Rotator Cuff and had to go to physical therapy. I couldn't work for 1 month, after it healed quite a bit (I was experiencing no pain, and I had full range of motion in my arm) I got a job again. But, recently I was at a graduation party at a water park, and my boyfriend and I went on a 4 person inner tube and went down a water slide (this was months after it healed, so I assumed I'd be fine) then at the end everyone fell off but me and I grabbed onto the side of the pool to gently get off, my upper arm/shoulder area cracked and I couldn't move my arm. It hurt so bad I was struggling to breathe, my boyfriend pulled me aside and we sat down. I was able to move my arm again sooner than expected, and it was hard to use any muscle for a bit with very small amount of pain. My muscles "healed" a bit and I was able to move my arm just fine without any pain. The next day (right now) my arm is aching and I can't move it without extreme pain. I work today and I don't know if I should call in, and get my arm checked out to see if I sprang my rotator cuff again, or just to suck it up and just go to work and check it out another day.

What should I do?
A. Call in to rest my arm, and ensure if I sprang it again or not
B. Suck it up and go to work, and check it out another day

Rotator Cuff Sprain

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