Does anyone else get ringing in their ears when they're panicking? I don't get very visible panic attacks- my chest pain just ramps up and I feel all tingly and like there's something restricting my breathing and then my ears start to ring and my heart starts racing. I feel like it's become a more common occurrence and I'm so tired. I feel constant nausea and anxiety and it gives me a headache and it's also the reason that I have constant back, neck, chest, and shoulder pain.

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  • wheezer


    Plus my hands and feet are constantly sweaty and very cold and it makes giving handshakes even more stressful than it would have been if I didn't have to deal with that

  • Arch


    Wwooaahhh thats exactly what happens to me like spooky. You need a back rub and some ocean waves or thunderstorm sounds my garsh

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