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Hi, have any of you been in a residential rehabilitation program? My ACT team thinks I need more care so they want me to be in one. I’m just nervous… I’ve never lived away from home with my dad before and I worry about him also. I know I need to put myself first for the sake of my mental health but it’s just so hard. I don’t know what I’m doing..

    • Suzy77


      Well you're saying all the right words, but you need to act on them sit down and have a talk with your dad explain what you think see what he's thinking make your choice. Hopefully the choice will be to go into a facility where you can get more help than you can get at home and then when you come home your dad can see you looking good and feeling good which will probably in his mind be the biggest prize at the end of any rainbow God bless

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One person shared their experience with a residential program and mentioned that it didn't work for them and actually made their condition worse. However, they found therapy sessions multiple times a week to be very helpful. They also emphasized the importance of reaching out to others when in need. Another person suggested setting up routines, meeting new people, and reaching out to supportive individuals as strategies to cope with moving away from home.

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