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2y ago

Remedies for Horrible Brain Fog After Drinking?

i have a drinking problem. what are some remedies for the horrible brain fog i get in the morning after drinking?? i’ve found my way around headaches and nausea, but “hangover brain” persists 🥲

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2y ago

One of the worst feelings I had when I was drinking. Hated it so much. Nothing was really helpful, just stay hydrated, and maybe eat a snack with salts and sugar


2y ago

In all honesty the only thing I found that helped was to stopped drinking. I tried it all, coconut water, tylenol, Alka-Seltzer, etc etc. The more I progressed into my alcoholism the longer it would take me to recover. I wasn’t ready to stop until I was ready and while my life isn’t rainbows and unicorns I can see clearly now and wouldn’t ever go back with almost a year clean.

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