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What is the relationship between epilepsy and THC? THC (technically not cannabis) was just legalized here. It’s the tiny bit of THC found in hemp that they extract and make in a lab to mimic the effects of cannabis/marijuana. There’s delta-8 THC (a slightly weaker version) and delta-9 (the main ingredient in the cannabis plant). I don’t care for smoking regular marijuana, as it makes me paranoid. I bought some delta-8 gummies the other day though, and it has a very soothing effect. It technically still makes me “high” and alters my perception, but without the paranoia. Anyway, I was just wondering how something like this, if at all, could affect my seizures. Could it trigger a seizure, or would it have the opposite effect and help prevent a potential seizure? Could it interfere with my meds? Or does it have no effect at all? Let me know if it’s affected your seizures and how so.

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The relationship between epilepsy and THC seems to vary from person to person. Some people have reported that THC, particularly in the form of CBD oils, can help stop their seizures, while others have found that it can trigger anxiety attacks which may lead to somatic symptoms such as seizures. It's also been noted that THC higher than 13% can potentially trigger anxiety and therefore cause a non-epileptic seizure. However, if used in a comfortable and safe environment, cannabis can ease feelings of stress and provide some relief. It is recommended to consult with a doctor before using THC for managing seizures.

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