Been dealing with positive group b streptococcus urine utis since January. Been on antibiotics every month and keeps coming back. Taking probiotics, gut probiotics, gluten free, no sugar, no booze. On top of garlic, oregano, zinc, activated charcoal, and list goes on. At a lost

Urinary Tract infection

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  • CCC


    Same here! For years, 4 months out of the years. With the help of friend and trial and error, a great woman's probiotic along with D Mannose. I haven't had a UTI in months and if I can say, my bottom feels so fresh too..

  • chronicbaddie


    I had the same! Antibiotics every month won’t help if the courses are too short you’re just creating bacterial resistance. After treating with a proper antibiotic (you should check vaginal too since the bacteria could be living in there) I use hiprex and methylene blue for prevention

    • victorymutt


      fun fact, garlic can help with antibiotic resistance. I also used them as an antibiotic stand in, but I had to eat like an entire head almost every day and I started to smell like it so I don't recommend doing that.

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