I believe I have nightmare disorder, and haven't had a chance to discuss it with my therapist.

Growing up I'd have reoccurring nightmares, usually involving a shape-shifter. I'd have them once a week or so..

Anywho. Since the last 8 months, I've been having similar nightmares. Just about every night. Drinking usually made them go away, but I've been sober for 29 days and they've come back. I'm on night 2 of it. It'll be extremely vivid and realistic, and I'll 100% believe I'm awake.

In these nightmares, I'll do something as simple as getting up to use the bathroom. And then there would come the shadows and whispers, and the buzzing sound. I'd panic really bad, and usually I wouldn't be able to move at that point. I'd try everything I can to call for help, and no sound will come out.

Or I'll just be in bed, and there will be spirits around me, whispers, buzzing, and sometimes laughing. I won't be able to move, and I'll fight so hard to shove my fiance or flail around so he will get up and help me. And then suddenly.. I just wake up, all is quiet, and I won't even be near him or anything. It's honestly pretty trippy.

But always, if I fall right back to sleep, I start the same process over and over again.

So I've started to fight sleep, and refuse to go back to bed. Now I fall asleep through out the day.

I'm trying to get pregnant.. So what besides medications has helped you?



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  • Duckyqueen123


    I used to have a shape shifter dream once and a while and shapes would come flying from almost everywhere and turn into my dad then it would chase me down and beat me. Lol don't you just hate when you can feel, taste, etc... In your dreams😂

  • Zoey_Val


    Hi I suffer from frequent vivid nightmares as well. It is difficult because people who don’t get them seem to not understand how much it takes a toll on me and my daily life. Just once I want to not remember my dreams! I have not really seen a therapist for this however it’s possible it could be from my hormonal birth control. The few times that I didn’t have nightmares did involve either alcohol or sometimes Benadryl when I have allergic flare ups. But obviously I am not going to rely on that as those are rare instances. I would recommend anxiety relieving practices whether that is warm tea, bath, meditation, journaling, etc. When I am relaxed at night my dreams are much less scary. However most adult nightmares are typically caused by either hormones or medication from what I’ve heard.

  • Duckyqueen123


    I have a therapists and a med therapist and my med therapist prescribed me the lowest dose of prazosin for my nightmares

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