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Hello all. My sister recently did research on endometriosis as part of her internship, and she told me that a lot of what she has found is consistent with what I’ve told her about my menstrual cycle. As I’ve done my own reading, there are more and more signs and symptoms that describe my experience, especially within the last 6 months. In the past, I have been doubtful that I have it, though, because much of it doesn’t seem quite as severe as what I’ve read on the internet. I’m interested in hearing about other people’s experience with it. Is it possible to have more mild endometriosis? If so, what is it like? Should I go see an OB-GYN? How long did it take to get a diagnosis? Has anyone noticed medications affecting it or triggering it? I’m currently taking Lamotrigine for depression and Hydroxyzine for anxiety. I can also describe my symptoms if that would be helpful.

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      Yes you can get different severity of endometriosis, and recently learn that even someone wild mild endometriosis can have the same pain as someone with severe endometriosis or can just gave mild symptoms which was very interesting for me. It usually takes about 5 years to get diagnosed with it as it usually just gets passed off as painful and heavy periods and that's about it but if you think you have it and are concerned then you should go to your Dr and explain to them. You will have to be very persistent though and carry on going to your Dr or local hospital if it gets worse as you will just be told that it's basically fine and it's just "bad periods" but you know your body best so if it doesn't feel right then don't stop and settle for just being told you're fine. Good luck.

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