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i have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and for the longest time (like 5 years) i’ve been questioning wether or not i have BPD or some kind of other condition also, i’ve dismissed this idea many times but recently i’ve been genuinely questioning it. most of my symptoms line up with bipolar but there’s a lot of symptoms that don’t really have to do with bipolar. it could be just my ptsd or my medications that are not working properly but it feels more than that, even when i’m not having an episode i rarely feel actually stable and i always have this feeling like something is missing and i am empty, i have very complicated attachment issues that would take paragraphs to actually go into detail about, my moods are constantly up and down everyday and then i’ll have episodes of mania and depression on top of that. there are a LOT more reasons i feel it may be something more like bpd or something else. i just wanted to ask people who have bipolar and borderline what they think and what their experience is like having both to get an outside perspective ( i don’t have a psychiatrist yet)

    • MissyKayF


      Oh, man. Been there. The 'what's wrong with me' spiral is a tough stage because it feels very alone and it's hard to trust doctors and therapists, and you end up doing internet searches that aren't truly helpful. Who do you believe, and what information is relevant? It may be helpful to remember that Bipolar, Borderline, Anxiety, and PTSD (for instance) share a lot of common symptoms and it can be difficult to narrow down if you have one or a combination that you are struggling with. What I finally learned, after tossing around names of disorders and trying to nail down what I am, is that it doesn't really matter what it's called. What is important for you and your doctor is what are my symptoms, what is available to me to help with my symptoms, what have I tried, and what is left to try? Just get the ball rolling with a psychiatrist and therapist, find ones that you TRUST and who share similar values and goals, and work together to nail down those symptoms and possible treatments. Start the work and commit yourself to better mental health. You can do this!

    • Chesbro99


      I understand, I'm questioning things too and I'm going to psych testing next week to try and figure it out

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One person shared their experience of being diagnosed with both bipolar and borderline personality disorder. They related to the key traits of borderline personality disorder such as fear of abandonment, chronically feeling empty inside, and the flipping of idealizing a person and hating them among other traits. They brought this up with their new doctor for psychiatry who took it seriously and they now have a new direction of therapy with their therapist. Another person explained that one of the defining characteristics of bipolar disorder is the presence of at least one manic episode, while people with BPD can shift moods very quickly and dramatically, often have a fear of abandonment and turbulent relationships, and engage in a lot of black and white thinking. It was suggested to discuss with a psychiatrist about why they think you have bipolar and explain why you feel you might have BPD instead.

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