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OK so I've been diagnosed with BPD, bipolar, and most recently ADHD, But recently I've been questioning my bipolar diagnosis simply because now I realize that my anger isn't bipolar at all.. When I do get angry it's known exactly why I'm angry and not out of the blue like bipolar is. Sure I had a manic episode about 7 years ago, but now I understand that even neurotypicals can have a manic episode. Also, I don't believe my mood swings are bipolar. The only med I'm on is strattera which does help. Anyways, Has anyone experienced this? what helped you to get closure on this? what would you recommend that I do? Thanks in advance.

    • prettyitaly


      I was diagnosed at a younger age with bipolar but I didn't feel like that was the correct prognosis for me and I didn't follow up treatment. Now almost 20 yrs later I'm in therapy and I've gotten my borderline personality diagnosis and it's much more relatable to me given my history of diagnosed PTSD from abuse and trauma. If you don't feel like something fits keep discussing it. The only way to resolve issues is to find the root of the problem and looking in the wrong direction won't help with answers

    • JohnLocke


      Just maturing and time and wisdom helps with anger

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One of the replies suggests that "bipolar episodes last from 3-14 days; while borderline personality episodes rarely last more than 1-3 days; sometimes multiple times in a day". Another person shared their experience of being misdiagnosed with bipolar depression 2 in their late teens/early adulthood, but as they got older and did their own research, they talked with their psychiatrist and agreed it sounded more like BPD. They recommend doing your own research and trying to understand yourself better.

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