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How do I prevent migraines brought on by bad weather? I feel like most migraines can be somewhat prevented by avoiding triggers, but I can’t exactly avoid the weather and I don’t want to have to wait until I get an attack before I can do something about it. Sometimes the forecast will say no rain but it’ll be wrong so I can’t rely on that.

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    • El2542


      You could try putting your feet in hot water, it sometimes helps me. I also have one of the head things that is self cooling it’s amazing when your head is bad x

    • Kaori


      Im sorry youre dealing with this, love. The only things I’ve found that work are taking abortive medicine when there is a weather change. And if i can catch it in time, taking high strength meds when my head is still in its dull/fuzzy state right before it kicks into full swing is also something I do. I also drink teas regularly with plants that have pain reducing/inflammation fighting properties, and circulatory health promoting properties as well. It doesn’t help ALOT but i have noticed a small difference by drinking these regularly at night and when Im in the middle of an episode. It’s just what works for me but maybe it helps

    • groundbeef


      There's a migraine forecast online that's helpful to prepare for bad days. I suggest if you know it's going to be bad migraine weather taking medication and avoid triggers

    • sorenachy


      If your migraines are weather related, get yourself a barometer and keep an eye on it. My mom used to get horrible headaches when it rained so she would always check the barometer to see if it was dropping so she would know in advance what kind of a day it was going to be.

    • Alex.h


      Def ask Ur doctor about this by my neurologist mentioned some options for preventative medication that u can take during times you know will trigger u (like before Ur period or smth) but u don't have to be on them permanently

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Some people suggest creating a calm, relaxing environment when they know they can't avoid a weather-triggered migraine. Others recommend taking preemptive measures such as taking Advil the night before, having a slow, relaxing morning on the day of the expected weather change, and ensuring proper nutrition and hydration. Using an iced gel pack around the shoulders at night to reduce inflammation, taking Mucinex to reduce sinus pressure, or taking preventative medication as soon as you feel the onset of a migraine are also suggested strategies. Some people also find relief in giving themselves face massages to drain their sinuses.

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