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what after surgery treatments do you have?

    • sweetpotato220


      Surgery is never easy, and dealing with the aftermath can be tough.I had my surgery at 53, which was February 2016! After the surgery, my doc said I had to undergo a form of therapy called adjuvant therapy. He said this would clear out remnants and also reduce the chances of reoccurance. He put me on letrazole and it worked pretty well for me. Sending you much light and love

    • meluu64


      I hope you're doing okay. As someone who's gone through surgery myself, I know the first few months can be a hard. It's totally normal to feel upset, scared, angry, or whatever else you might be feeling. Your self-confidence might take a hit, and that's okay too. Just remember that everyone reacts differently to surgery, and it takes time to come to terms with any changes to your body. Make sure you follow your wound care and pain management routines as arranged by your healthcare team. They know what they're doing and they're there to help you get through this. Sending you all the strength and love in the world!

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"After laparoscopic surgery, it is suggested to walk a little bit more each day as it improves gastrointestinal and urinary tract function, blood flow, and speeds wound healing. It can also be helpful to have someone around for the first 48 hours to assist with sitting up and getting to the restroom. Foods and lozenges that soothe your throat are recommended since it may be sore from the breathing tube used during anesthesia. Additionally, having items like water, Tylenol, throat lozenges, and a heating pad arranged next to your resting spot can help reduce the number of times you need to get up."

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