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fibro flare ? or hashimotes flare ? or something else ? for the past few days I've been having stomach pains not TERRIBLE but enough to know it's there. and today I woke up and my entire body just HURTS , extreme brain fog / forgetfulness, anxiety, no appetite, can't concentrate anything , moody, exhausted. and the last few weeks I've noticed weight loss, decrease in appetite, hair falling out, weakness in muscles, random pains in muscles , ( stomach legs back ) my nails seem very brittle, skin is extremely dry, TERRIBLE allergy symptoms, sweating even when I'm cold, extreme indigestion, extremely gassy. with the holidays coming up I've been under ALOTTTTTTT of stress , also working a job I completely HATE, on top of car issues. I did recently have my thyroid levels checked everything was normal except my vitamin D it's at a 27 so they put me on 2,000 units. does anyone else experience these symptoms during a flare ?? I'm really scared , my health anxiety is of course telling me it's something much worse 😔

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Based on the context provided, it seems that stress can trigger flares in individuals with Hashimoto's disease, even when thyroid levels are within normal range. Symptoms during a flare can include extreme fatigue, joint pain, and potentially other symptoms as well. However, it is also noted that living with more than just hypothyroidism can make it difficult to know what is causing the flare, as any condition one has could potentially cause these symptoms or progress into them.

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