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what is people's personal experience with asd?? and how do you deal with anxiety/stress or meltdowns.

    • Viynnyie


      I've known I've had Austism since I was a child since my doctor diagnosed me while I was in Kindergarten as being in a public setting made my cognitive and physical differences more apparent to people other than myself. To minimize the stress and meltowns I have, I've done everything I can to make my space more sensory safe and accessable, this includes my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, everything I can safely learn to modify. I have also both baught and made my fair share of sensory objects to help keep me calm, I personally make a lot of shakers out of plastic and water since their things I like to look at and shaking things is one of my favouirte stim motions. I find it's more about knowing msyelf and what will help and what will hinder. When I do have meltdowns I try tl either have a trusted person with me, but more often then not I have to try and calm myself and self regulate. This usually means surrounding myself with certain things that will calm me, it's not always the same things that help so it varries. I hope this helps! ♡

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People with ASD have shared various personal experiences and coping strategies. One person mentioned that they inform their friends and family about their condition and carry fidget items like a spinning ring or puppet toy to help manage stress. They also engage in public stimming, such as tapping their foot or shaking their hands. Another individual described their meltdowns as being triggered by overstimulation, either sensory or emotional. To cope, they retreat to a quiet place like their room, listen to music, or use noise-cancelling headphones. Running water from taps has also been mentioned as a calming sound.

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