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what is the best way to stop over thinking about things that lead you up to your situation now ? I was the most positive person but the past 8 hrs have all been going down hill and adjusting especially while over thinking gets more frequent and then becomes harder and harder to think positive. Any advice I'd appreciate it alot.

    • Jules78


      That depends on if the situation was cause from my own doing or someone else. My trust issues stimulates from abuse all my life which gives me anxiety because the anxiety is I fear or hate authority. Authority figures have always been my archniemisis mom, her party people and their dungeons rituals, mean people, hateful people, bosses health care workers etc. It's just hard were intelligent people who if we don't have certain things in place we can't cope as well. It's like being autistic but at a super intelligent level.

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One way to stop overthinking is to engage in activities that you enjoy or find a hobby, as this can serve as a distraction. Another method suggested is cognitive behavioral technique, which you could look into and ask a therapist about. It's also recommended to practice not dwelling on negative thoughts and instead let them pass, likening it to changing a TV channel. Additionally, finding an activity that you enjoy or could do consistently and really focus on doing it, like playing basketball or listening to music, can help clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. Lastly, recognizing that you're often more negative doesn't mean reality is like how you perceive it, and keeping yourself busy and taking medication can help keep intrusive/negative thinking to a minimum.

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