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What do you do when you struggle with little to no motivation?

    • princesspeony23


      I've constantly struggled with strong lack of motivation for a LONG time and only just recently started figuring it out. The right medication has been a huge help as well. But I like to start with sitting and thinking about why I might be feeling that way in the moment. Am I overly stressed/experiencing burnout? Am I having trouble focusing on one task at a time and getting overwhelmed? Am I sad? Just straight up feeling lazy? Then I decide whether or not my body is trying to tell me I need the rest. If so, I try to take the rest I need and relax about it mentally, enough to regain energy to start doing something whenever I'm ready. If I'm not extra stressed out or exhausted, I try to prioritize, pick no more than 3 things that are the most important to get done right now, stop there. Don't think about anything else I have to do. Pick one thing that sounds not so bad, and try to do it. Tell myself in the head, I'm not feeling great right now and I might not really feel like doing this but I know I'll feel so much better when I do l. I do want to do this. I don't want to sit and be sad, I want to be productive. Productivity is not measured by quantity, but the presence. Relaxing could even be productive if it's the best thing for you in the moment. Reflect on your current state, and go from there. Hope this helps!

    • songbird67


      I try to do things that motivate me and make me feel unstoppable! Like for me, I love to go to the gym. I struggle with being overweight so when I do a hard workout, I feel like I can do anything! I try to use that feeling to my advantage and get hard things done before the feeling "wears off" If that makes sense.

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Some suggestions include breaking tasks into smaller goals, celebrating small accomplishments, finding inspiration in someone or something that motivates you, and writing down a long-term plan to help discover your interests. Additionally, you can try setting specific time limits for tasks, such as working on a project for the duration of a couple of songs or watching a concert on YouTube while cleaning.

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