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I have classes to do online for school and I have been neglecting it hardcore, specifically this one class. I get anxiety because I know I need to do it and get it done but I can’t bring myself to do it. I have no motivation and I am telling myself I just need to pass but I need to catch up soon before I am too far behind

    • Ddraig


      Being behind with schoolwork is so hard, especially when executive dysfunction strikes. Having a lot of work to do can feel very overwhelming, which unfortunately gives executive dysfunction more power - it's a vicious cycle, which is difficult to break, but it IS possible, you just need to find a way that works for you! Here's what usually works for me - rather than thinking of the work as one massive task, I break it down into as many stages as possible, then only work on a few stages at a time. If my focus drifts to all the other tasks (it does that a lot), I remind myself those are future me's tasks, and present me only has to worry about X number of tasks. Splitting the to-do list over several days so only X tasks are on that day's list helps with that. It makes it feel a lot less overwhelming for me, and takes power away from my executive dysfunction. It also allows me to hunt for dopamine easier, as finishing a stage means I can cross it off my to-do list, which is so satisfying 😊 For example, for the one class you're struggling with most, does looking at one lecture or doing one question feel more manageable than trying to do the whole class? You'll catch up as quickly as you're able to, there's no point rushing and making yourself overwhelmed. The hardest part of catching up is starting to catch up, the rest of it should come a lot easier once you've started 🥰

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