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How do you know whether you have OCD vs generalized anxiety vs social anxiety? I honestly feel like I have all 3. Is that even possible? I’ve experienced OCD symptoms especially when I was younger, like I would hoard a lot and always have to even out sensations to both sides of my body, step in a certain pattern, check or touch or blink certain amounts of times, etc. Today I still hoard mildly and I have intrusive thoughts, but I try my best to not give into them. Most importantly I’m a total germaphobe and wash my hands a lot especially after touching something that feels contaminated. If someone has gone outside I don’t let them touch me until they’ve cleaned their hands. I get panic attacks sometimes and stress a lot over most decisions which is why I think I definitely have GAD, especially since these don’t involve rituals. However I also get really quiet in social situations and feel really nervous when going into shops or restaurants or talking to strangers and my therapist tells me I have both social anxiety and generalized anxiety. I guess I’m just not sure whether I still have OCD if I don’t have many rituals anymore other than hand washing and laying in certain positions when I sleep.

    • mackinac


      I feel the same way. I've been diagnosed with generalized anxiety, but I had the same experience with OCD tendencies. I still have a few rituals with balancing sensations, but definitely am not as extreme as I was as a kid. I can't tell if I've improved because I've overcome things or if my depression has just made me too tired to care anymore lmao. I feel like anxiety has an ability to branch out to so many things, yet be selective at the same time

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The posts do not provide information on how to differentiate between OCD, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety.

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