I’ve been struggling with OAB for a long time, but was only diagnosed not too long ago. Although it was frustrating, it hasn’t bothered me as much as it is now. I live with my boyfriend and keep having issues with urinating in my sleep. It’s really rough and so embarrassing, I’m at the point where I think I need to wear something, but that is so demoralizing and makes me feel terrible. But the whole situation makes me feel terrible. It’s just really frustrating being 24 and dealing with this. My boyfriend is so supportive but I’m afraid he will only tolerate it for so long.

Hypertonicity of bladder

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  • sprite


    there's nothing wrong with using a product that is made to improve your quality of life!! i've been there and i know it sucks to have to give in and wear them but it's better than just wetting the bed. and if your boyfriend can't handle it--well, it's better to weed him out sooner rather than later. this could be a long-term concern and anyone you're with will have to be able to support you. i'm 26 and i've been dealing with it for a while so i know how embarrassing and frustrating it is to feel like you're too young for this. have you been put on any medication?

    • bahramuuu


      yes, I’m on gemtesa and doing pelvic floor therapy, tried PTNS, but it didn’t help. But thank you for responding. It’s nice to hear that others have had similar struggles.

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