nice to “meet” you! hope you are doing well. how do you prevent your conditions from defining you?

Generalized pain

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  • uriboo


    i try to stay positive and spread positivity as much as possible. this world has enough negativity in it so might as well try to bring someone joy. the other night i was in the er and as i was being discharged the nurse said "thank you for being so nice." i was out in more pain than when i entered and leaving w/o answers but i said "i know your job is hard so i want to make sure you know that i appreciate all you do." she looked like she was about to cry from those few words. so like that i try to show appreciation for even little things in life.

  • Kendoll


    I know that i have worth, that peoples lives are better with me in it, that i am putting good into the world and that i am loved. All of those things mean a million times more than my condition.

  • Banksblond


    I don’t let my conditions define me because there is so much more to me than my illnesses! Also, I try not to focus on them or talk about them all the time, but spend my time doing useful, positive and encouraging things. YOU are more than your conditions!!!

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