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hi everyone! I'm new here 😊 I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis but it's not specified what kind. a few months ago I've had severe pain everywhere in my body, it affected my eyes and my chest. c reactive protein at 6, no rheumatoid factor (yet), uric acid normal just lots of pain everywhere, which is almost all gone now. I saw a rheumo a couple of times but he wasn't able to give me a specific answer, so we're currently just monitoring and play by ear. has anyone had a similar experience?

    • 2L0UD4ME


      Hi, I was diagnosed with (seronegative) rheumatoid arthritis recently but before that, my arthritis was unspecified. I also have negative rheumatoid factor but positive ESR and ANA. I am currently on Plaquenil and Humira!

    • RickyStones


      Hi, I have a similar experience. I started having chest pain after a COVID vaccine. And it's slowly getting worse. Dr told me it's some kind of arthritis, but didn't specify one.

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Several individuals have shared similar experiences of dealing with chronic pain and suspected arthritis. One person mentioned that they had been dealing with pain for a while, which increased to different areas of their body, and their doctor suspects some type of inflammatory arthritis as the cause. Another individual has experienced severe chronic pain affecting their sleep and causing tremors, with a family history of arthritis and autoimmune diseases. Yet another person has been trying for years to figure out the cause of their joint pain and is hopeful to get a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

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