I started new doses of my Depakote today. I was upped to 250 mg and I'm worried that it is going to make me feel weird at first. Anyone have experience with that high of a dose?

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  • Dezmari


    That medicine actually made my short temper threw the roof. I hated everyone. But soon as I got off of it I got better again. But yet every medicine works different for every person. I hope it works for you

    • SoxyWoxy


      I've never really had issues with my temper luckily (only when I'm REALLY tired). So far I have just felt sleepy but idk if that was my medicine or just "it's a lazy Saturday"

  • Teardrops


    I started on 250 mg this past week. In 4 more days I will go up to 500mg at bed time. It’s supposed to help me sleep But it’s not helpingbyet

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