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I'm suffering and I don't know if it's my new medication or my medical conditions getting worse. TW: Menstruation, Blood mentioned So I just started Norethindrone, a progesterone only birth control. I just started my 3rd month. I've been breaking out everywhere, my chest, my back, and my face have been the worst. My periods have felt probably the worst they've ever been and they don't stop. Since I started the medication, I haven't stopped bleeding and the cramps have been getting so bad I get nauseous. My chest hurts, which only ever happened with my period when I was just starting to have a period, when I was a kid. I'm constantly tired and sore. Working has been a nightmare. Constantly Bleeding has been awful, especially when it's unpredictable. I could be spotting then an hour later I've bleed through. I know there's an adjustment period with this, but this doesn't feel like I'm adjusting. My body never acted like this when I started and was on my last medication. Has anyone had this problem before with this medication.. or could this be something else?

    • Maryn123


      Hi, I'm not familiar with this side effect from the medicine but it could be one, especially if it started after you started taking the medicine. I think the correct thing is to go to your gynecologist who will examine you and decide if a medication change is necessary or if it is something else. You don't have to suffer.

      • GingerSnapple


        @Maryn123 Thank you, unfortunately this is under my gynecologists recommendation.

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