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vent! tw for COVID, neglectful(?) parents, suicidal thoughts. I'm so frustared at my parents. my dad is anti-mask and sorta anti-covid. he thinks everybody who dies from it dies from pre-existing conditions which is just absolutely bullshit and abelist. background: I have a colostomy bag, asthma, trouble breathing due to constant stuffy noses. the works. my mom is reckless. her mood is everywhere due to her own mental health stuff and she doesn't care if I live or die. when my mom first found out about my suicidal thoughts it was during a suicide attempt. It was outside and she was like walking very slowly on her phone towards me while texting. instead of listening to me and caring she sent me to a mental hospital and tried to make me leave my door open. she also made it so I couldn't shave for like 2 weeks or more after already not being allowed to shave for about 3-4 because mental hospital. she tells me to tell her how she feels (for show) so I try and she starts yelling at me and telling me basically to stop talking. she ignores my crying and continues to do what triggers me and whatever. literally just a few minutes ago I found my my sister, let's call her C found out her boyfriend (G) might have COVID which means my niece (H) might have it. which MEANS me and my parents might have it. and I was trying to explain how if he has it were going to get tested and she keeps going on and on saying that it's gonna be bad for her because she's a smoker. now I'm trying not to cry pretty much because she just proved again she doesn't care if I live and now I feel suicidal again. she is also apparently has depression but idk if she does because if she did why would she be so careless towards mine? wouldn't she be more caring and understanding? idk what to do please help I can't get out for another 3 years and I doubt I'm gonna get out immediately at 18.

    • Fayejax79


      I’m so sorry. My mom didn’t care for a long time because she didn’t believe me until we went to therapy together and my therapist straight up told her that I’m bipolar and have ptsd. If you ever want to talk to someone you can message me

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