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I'm completely new to the idea of mental health because of the way I was raised. and I'm not completely understanding the dues and don'ts of boundary setting specifically when it comes to at jobs and work accommodations. My anxiety has me to the point where I am not able to work. I'm done a lot of research and I never knew before that mental illness could be a reason given for accommodations. so does anyone have advice or any experience they can share in this I want to understand what my rights are I want to know if setting those kind of boundaries in a professional setting is even worth giving it a try or if I'm not actually allowed to ask for those kind of compromises. personally I don't need anything big I would just like to know that if I had a panic attack I work I would be allowed to take a break so I could calm down. being constantly on edge and afraid of the consequences of a symptom I can't control makes it to where going to work completely diminishes my quality of life. but I don't know the standard set with that type of thing. any advice at all would be appreciated.

    • Chesbro99


      What kind of job?

      • sam_rainbows1


        @Chesbro99 I have no high school diploma and I can't drive so would have to be something and walking distance or on the bus route. Either working at a restaurant or a store

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"In some states, jobs are required to make accommodations if a doctor says they're necessary. If you're comfortable, you could let your employer know about your situation and they may be required to make accommodations. You can also get a note from a therapist or doctor stating that in case of an episode it tells them what to do and to expect some performance drop off from you. If you're in the states you can sue if they ignore a medical note from an employee's doctor, or if they discriminate based off of your mental illnesses. Additionally, look into the family medical leave act and ada laws."

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