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This nausea is really starting to make me suicidal 😫

    • ducksauce


      i’ve been there. This year from January until June I was constantly nauseous every day all day I would go on family trips and be miserable the whole time because I was just so worried about getting sick and how lashes I felt the whole time I matter what I do it really took a toll on my mental health the only thing I can really say to health is that it has gotten better for me. I still get nauseous here and there but it’s not every day anymore. I don’t know the cause of it because every doctor just said it was anxiety but the nausea was different than anxiety nausea. I would wake up and instantly be nauseous before I even had a thought and took such a toll on my body in my mind but I’m healing now. It might take some time to get better especially if you have to do it on your own, but it will happen. try to talk to a doctor they just shut you down like I was then do everything you can from research help yourself. I recommend belly breathing exercises, having a safe space and smelling rubbing alcohol. eventually, it should calm. and I know it’s difficult because I’ve been through the same. I’m sorry you have to deal with that. I would look into therapy also bc that helped me.

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