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I have been waiting for a hysterectomy to help with my endo for a couple of years now but I've historically been treated poorly by doctors and don't feel I was given enough viable options and have now decided I would like to try and help my body naturally, and then if that doesn't work revisit the major surgery path. Has anyone here had any success with natural remedies? Diet, supplements, anything? I want to be prepared for when I stop my injections. Thanks

    • Eggszy


      Thanks for responding. Yeah, this is my issue, I only discovered this recently with my own research. My doctors have given me no real options ever and I've heard horror stories about endo coming back after a hysterectomy, so no longer keen on that at all. I'm already vegan, gluten free and mostly whole foods and I take seaweed every day as I heard it was supposed to help but can't really tell whilst I'm still on depo injection. Heard good things about maca root and NAC too but not from anyone who actually has endo, so it's hard to tell. Think I'm just going to have to prepare myself for a couple of hard months coming off the injection and settling into my body again.

    • 100Percent_K


      So, to start from the top and work down, hysterectomy is not a treatment nor management option for endometriosis. Endometriosis is outside of the uterus and therefore removing the uterus does nothing for it. Excision is the only treatment actually available for the disease at this point in time. There are a lot of ongoing studies though. Diet does help some manage a bit better, but not all. The endo diet seems to be the one that most commonly helps and helped me a decent bit. I haven’t found any supplements at this point that have helped, but maybe others have. I personally had excision and that played the biggest part in it, but I still follow the diet and take meds to help. Pelvic floor PT was also beneficial for me. Hope this helps 💛

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One user mentioned that Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat herbal tea helps tremendously with nausea, bloating, etc. They also noticed a reduction in pain levels from light exercise when feeling up to it, such as a short walk through the neighborhood, and especially stretching the hips, glutes, & torso. Another user suggested using an IUD, specifically the kyleena because it's the smallest/least amount of hormones.

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