hi I'm new here and would like to introduce myself and say that I'm glad I was able to come across this app as I have been looking for something like this. I have been diagnosed with MS and everything they have given me I either have been allergic to or have had bad reactions to. I hate that I can't find no relief. and let me tell you about the depression and all the damn meds I'm on is there anything that can lessen what I take damn. I am willing to try anything right now and I'm tired of doctors not listening to me.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Pain in joints of lower leg




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  • Demolition


    I take has small reactions the first 3 times ..after that it's good no problems

    • NelCat


      I also really like Ocrevus. I have the whole itchy throat thing where they gotta give you a syringe of benadryl, but I've never felt better on a different medicine.

  • Quigley


    I take pain medicine only was Vicodin now morphine the other stupid medicine only made me weaker so one day I stopped taking the muscle relaxers and depression meds I'm in a wheelchair because I took baclofen for a year I didn't know what baclofen was for I didn't know it was to destroy my nerves in my legs when I talked to my MS doctor about it she said well do your legs shake or hurt anymore I said no they don't but now I can't walk she said but I stopped the pain and I should be grateful I'll never see another MS doctor it's only pain medicine till I die thank God I had kids so young I'm 39 now I have 3 kids and 2 grandkids I wish I could just die so they don't have to see this anymore this life is one big sick joke

    • babyblueeye


      I used to take baclofen but I no longer take that

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