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Hiya, I am being advised to try the Mirena Coil by my gynae team. I'd like to, as my symptoms (especially pain) are really getting to me. But my gut instinct is telling me that a foreign object in my womb, messing with my hormones, is a recipe for disaster given my extremely sensitive nervous system. Could anybody share their experiences please? Finding it pretty overwhelming trying to weigh things up...

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      I love it... I wish i got them since i was 14. I couldn't handle the levlen (I think that's what it's called). I was too sensitive. I took another pill for a while, but if i missed one day, I would get my period and that would contribute to cysts and be super painful. I'm sensitive and I love it the mirena.

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One user shared that they have the Kyleena IUD and it changed their life. They experienced severe pain during placement, but after the IUD was inserted, they bled for less than 10 days in the past 2 years and their endometriosis pain reduced by 80%. Another user mentioned that the Mirena coil worked wonders for them, reducing the frequency of their periods to every 2-3 months and making them lighter and less painful. However, some users had negative experiences, with one mentioning nonstop bleeding for 3 months and another experiencing daily cramping pain. One user also reported that their small uterus size caused additional abdominal pain due to irritation from the IUD.

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