Hey fellow methadone buddies! sending you love! ❤️✊🏼✨



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  • Housewifey


    Good morning! I just started using this app today, and saw your post. ♥️ I've been taking Methadone for 2 and 1/2 years now. Taking it helped me quit abusing oxycodone. I'm so thankful for this medication! How are you doing today?

  • EmileeAnna


    Yes I've been using it for 9 or so years I kinda lose count Thankful it's been so useful for you! Sorry I replied so late, I made the app then forgot about it! I'm okay today! How about you?

  • Bruce5150


    Hi! I'm Bruce. I been using Methadone for about 4 years, along with Oxycodone. Methadone is the best because it actually works!

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