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I’m never felt so numb and exhausted before. I don’t mean to sound negative or anything, but I realize how it’s been affecting me. Like my inability to focus on anything. Just today, I tried to get some homework out of the way, and I just find myself sitting there with my mind unable to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. It’s been mentally rough for me lately. Any time I get up in the morning, I feel this heavy sense of dread. I try to set goals and find things that I look forward to do in the morning, but I find feeling number every day. And the routine I set for myself every morning gets tiresome for a while, there are days where I will find the motivation or force myself to do it regardless of how I feel, but I find myself caving into the numbness more. I’d rather just lie there and watch the days pass me. I try to set goals and find things to look forward to, but even those get tiresome too. Recently, I found out who are my new suitemates for this year in college and they all seem like lovely and great people to be around. However, I’m just afraid that my mental exhaustion may affect them too, and I don’t want them to deal with that. It would be unfair. I’m really trying to get my crap together and set having these good days for myself, but I’ve been just feeling so numb and tired lately and I’m not too sure why.

    • juliecarlstan


      Our brains chemical bath actually changes for depressed or negative thoughts, vs. Say imagining a bunch of gorgeous flowers (hope u like flowers) so we kinda have to just be in what we are in...and telling yourself to NOT feel how you feel, or saying to be ashamed, (of an anticipated possibility) will set you back. This took me @ 20 years to understand! Telling myself not to feel my genuine feelings- only delays progress, acceptance, adds to Anxiety, cause then it's like 'why do I still feel this?' When telling yourself not to was supposed to be the fix. If you can let go of the 'shouldn't you have acceptance can help release emotions, hope this helps

      • Vyowleta


        @juliecarlstan Thank you for this, I really appreciate it and took this advice to heart <3 now I don’t feel as ashamed when I do feel sense of dread or have bad days, I just try to let myself process these emotions before starting the day :)

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