I'm currently on two meds to stop self harming, anyone know of any meds that will work? I'm on Lamictal and Buspirone



Self-inflicted injury




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  • LadyVenture


    I'm on lamictal. I needed lithium in order to make me not sh and suicidal. So lamictal alone doesn't work for everyone

  • fratboykermit


    buspirone only worked for me for maybe a month or two, and then started doing absolutely nothing- which is honestly one of the best reactions to a medicine i've ever had, because i had a month or two of almost pure bliss lol. i hear a LOT of people talk about lithium, which is something i've started heavily considering. i've been on a lot of peoples posts today raving about trazodone, but it worked so well for my anxiety that i didn't have the compulsion to do anything like that anymore. the only issue i found with it, is managing that + an ED; you have to eat enough before you take it or you'll puke/pass out, and i didn't weigh enough to even take the full, lowest dose (im not that underweight, just lower than the chart for this med). but it's something i plan on getting back into ASAP when my body lets me, because it felt like some kind of miracle med for me lol

  • roryascher27


    personally, lexapro, seroquel, gabapentin, and xanax worked for me. but i don’t take xanax anymore cause it made me physically sick. but the terrible thing about psych meds is that not every combo works for everyone there is no magic combo. i hope one day you find a combo that works for you, and can ease your troubles. stay strong. ❤️

    • pandasss


      I have tried Seroquel and had a bad reaction to it but I can bring up the other ones to my psychiatrist! Thank you 💕

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