this is for manic ppl, what triggers mania for u? like give me all the random things u can think of. recently i’ve noticed watching a really good tv show and being obsessed w it will legitimately trigger mania for me and my manic episodes last 2+ weeks 💀so weird

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  • Unicornp


    Caffeine for me!

  • ratface


    most of the time i just become manic for no reason i can put my finger on. but i noticed that if i don't get enough sleep or if im stressed out, that usually triggers it. ive had manic episodes triggered by breakups, deaths in my family, starting and leaving jobs, etc.

    • phaed


      bro i’ll like listen to a really good song and suddenly it’ll trigger mania 😭😭

  • Taser


    Not getting sleep and stress, but other than that I don't really know. It just happens. At least I get a lot of stuff done though. I'm very productive when manic. Does anyone else feel that way as well?

    • Spooxk


      Yes!!!!! part of me kind of enjoys mania—it never ends well for me (spending a LOT of money, abusing substances, etc) but I always get so much done that I wanted to during a depressive ep

  • Coke


    People I love who gaslight me can send me into severe mania and once the depression stops like I stay up late and my sleep schedule fluctuates I change my hair and appearance lot I wanna be a body piercer so I do piercings but where I take that seriously I do not abuse it like I did when I paid for it

  • DitsyDiabetic


    A sudden warm sunny day between a bunch of cold gloomy ones. Also uppers. And if something REALLY good happens. And sex sometimes.

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