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how are you managing type 1 diabetes. for me it's stressful and I still haven't come with terms to it. please help

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      I’ve had t1d for 19 years….. unfortunately for this one in particular, the best way to manage the stress of it is just to let time do its thing… meaning, after so long, the care of your t1d will be mostly so instinctual it doesn’t phase you anymore. It can take a very long time tbh. Also, if you were diagnosed recently, remember you are LUCKY, the tools and technology you have at your disposal are scores better than when i was diagnosed. Also, have you looked into getting an insulin pump?? Last time i had one was about 10 years ago and they…. weren’t great. But just this month i got a new one (Medtronic 780G) and holy sh!t have they gotten a LOT better. My blood sugars have been 200% better on average since getting it 🤯🤯🤯 and it’s so much more user friendly than the old ones. Of course, your best bet is to talk to your endocrinologist about your options, and also, if the stress is affecting your daily life, therapy may not be a bad idea. It has certainly helped me (although i also have a plethora of MH conditions) hope this helps! 💜

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Some people manage the stress of living with type 1 diabetes by reminding themselves that they are doing the best they can and finding a supportive community. They also remind themselves that their feelings are valid no matter what their blood sugar is, and take time to relax when they can't concentrate. Others find it helpful to set small, attainable goals each day based on how they're feeling, taking it one day at a time to make it seem more manageable. Staying active, making wise food choices, eating in moderation, and paying attention to how your blood sugars react to certain foods/activities can also help. Involving your endocrinologist so they can help with insulin adjusting is also recommended.

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