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how do you deal with pain and nausea right when you get up? I'm a college student with an 8 am and I've tried getting up earlier but I can't get my symptoms under control fast enough to make my class.

    • StressBear


      I have found for the nausea portion to eat a small granola bar, or something equivalent. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but I get nauseous from having an empty stomach among other things. I can't help with the pain too much, but hot pads in the morning help me sometimes.

    • 55isMe


      Sorry, no great answer here. I wake 1 hour before i need to be functional. 2 if i need to go somewhere. Make as much preps before bed. Sleep in clothes if necessary. One plus is that my system still prefers caffeine, some do and some don't. I treat my most severe nausea with hydrocodone then Imitrex as migraine is usually the main component adding to the fire.

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Some people have found relief from morning nausea by checking in with their body, taking medications, eating or drinking something, or addressing any anxiety they may be feeling. Others have suggested drinking body armor, showering, drinking water, and eating small snacks throughout the day. Ginger capsules taken at night have also been reported to help with nausea. Some people have found that having a small snack before bed or keeping crackers by the bedside for when they wake up can help. Mint, warm Ginger Ale or tea, and nausea bands from Amazon have also been mentioned as helpful remedies.

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