I’m not diagnosed with this, and I doubt I have it, but a heavily increased Sex drive is getting to be a real problem for me. I am asexual, so my sex drive isn’t connected to a person or anything, it’s just there and constant. Any tips on how to get it to stop? Or at least be more manageable?

Excessive sexual drive

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  • Timbar1995


    Have you tried going to psychotherapy? The treatment can really help you control your increased urge. You might also want to try drug treatment that can suppress your libido. I suggest you consult your family doctor about this, he'll know where to refer you.

    • MixedBag0fMess


      I’m planning to, I think it might have something to do with a thyroid problem since all these symptoms popped up at the same time, but thyroid problems usually lower libido, so im not sure Oh well, one problem after another

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