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Do you guys experience dry skin? I'm not currently taking a medication for FLD but I was able to lower down my AST and ALT. I have (non alcoholic) NASH...I had elastography that showed fibrosis of the liver... I know it's reversible. what can I do and take to delay the progression of FLD while waiting for proper treatment (im a healthcare traveler so treatment is not always easy as I have to be seen by a doctor where I'm physically located and I'm currently doing a contract) I'm currently taking OTC supplements like Liver Health, SaMe, milk of thistle, and multivitamins with 100% Vitamin E RDA per capsule. I don't want to take extra Vitamin E that might induce toxicity. I'm not pre-diabetic. I always have good A1C. I don't overeat..I even fast though not to a great degree...just intermittent. I do avoid pork and beef. If I eat meat, it is just fish and chicken. I do cheat though. once a month and that's in one day in month, I eat pork or beef but in a limited amount. I eat avocados, and blueberries and drink coffee....all help with liver health. so what can I do in the meantime if I'm not seeing a specialist? I. just also curious if dry peelong skin is not a symptom of something else... My dermatologist diagnosed me with seborrheic dermatitis but I'm not sure if she looked into my history of Fatty Liver Disease.....idk if the peeling skin is caused by Seborrheic dermatitis or fatty liver disease. TIA

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For dry skin, one of the replies suggested using CeraVe and hydrocortisone if CeraVe doesn't work. They also recommended finding good quality body soap and showering in cooler water. As for delaying the progression of FLD, some suggestions included taking supplements like choline, taurine, and vitamin E, or a supplement called Liver One from the Balance One brand. It's also important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, these are all suggestions and it's best to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

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