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this has been wrecking havoc on my life so when I was 5 I was diagnosed with Asthma (They were gonna send me home one minute but as we were signing discharge paperwork cause they just simply thought I was sick my oxygen dropped and within a split second I was transferred to another hospital by ambulance) Now I'm 17, haven't felt any issues with my asthma, haven't felt short of breath or anything, so I've stopped taking my inhalers like I should, still have them Incase something comes about. But my mom is always telling me that I breathe real heavy but I don't notice it and it's bothering me, because I'm blaming myself thinking is it cause I stopped the inhalers but the only reason I stopped is cause I practically stopped randomly one day having issues (I stopped having issues in middle School) idk why but just did one day I was running in gym and didn't have issues breathing. Anybody else in the same position as me?

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      Hey! I also got diagnosed at a young age but not that young. I also stopped taking my medication at one point but it was mainly due to money issues...we are the same age and well let me say that you shouldn't blame yourself for not taking your medication anymore. I was in a similar place once we could afford my inhalers again and since I got used to not taking them anymore for a few years I'd never take it unless I really needed it obviously my parents would get worried because I'm more prone to get sick because of my asthma but let me say this. Just because you stopped taking your medication doesn't mean you won't get sick or have issues again. Believe me I thought so too but that doesn't mean you should go ahead and blame yourself for it.

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