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I’m 24 and Lyme disease has ruined my life. Anyone around my age that can relate?

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    • Libby123


      I’m 22 too and feel like i lost my entire college experience and like I’ll never be the person i was before i got it again

    • Libby123


      I’m 22 too and feel like i lost my entire college experience and like I’ll never be the person i was before i got it again

    • Seae


      Just turned 33. Diagnosed right after I turned 20. Contracted when I was 7 or 8, tracing back symptoms. Those 12-13 intervening years were spent seeing doctor after doctor, getting test after test, trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. Thankfully I (barely), made it through high school before everything completely imploded, but I made up for that achievement by getting expelled after my first year of university. I have, however, been exceptionally lucky that my parents are with me every step of the way, and that we were able to come to the US for treatment, because not everyone in Canada is that fortunate. I am much better than I was: -no longer need a walker, or a wheelchair for longer trips -can speak in full sentences ~75% of the time -don’t want cry daily from the joint pain (moving to Florida definitely has a lot to do with that one, ngl) -I can be alone overnight unsupervised (with advanced notice and preparation); this one is SUPER new, and a huge milestone (used to need 24 hour supervision) -still can’t fall asleep without hella THC, but starting to wake up without alarm (clock or person), before noon -trains of thought derail much less easily -the brain fog is there, but sometimes it thins, more and more often -I just finished a 100 level Astronomy course at the local community college. 4 years ago I would have said that was insane. 10 years ago I would have tested for mind altering substances, 15 years ago I would have stared blankly, aware words had been spoken I guess I’m saying it can get better? To be honest, for a lot of us there are/were definitely points where it’s hard to imagine worse. I try not to focus on the anger or it consumes me, which is obviously easier said than done.

      • Libby123


        @Seae wow i am so sorry it has been so hard for you

    • TheSmallKing


      I’m 22 and have been sick for 11 years now. Misdiagnosed for 8 years. Lyme took my adolescence, college years, and my dreams for the future. I lost many friends and feel awkward around most people, especially my peers. Ive missed out on so much.

    • littlefrog


      yes :-( 22. I have so little left to lose.

    • moldsurvivor


      i’m 21 and i’ve had it most (if not all) my life and i lost touch with all my friends, my home, my ability to do things i enjoy, my self esteem, my happiness, my livelihood, the food i enjoy, my will to live, my childhood, my adolescence, my college years and more to this monster. i’m so sorry you have to deal with it as well❤️ sending my best wishes

    • CCseaotter


      25, and it’s done the same to me! I also have vaccine damage from the HPV shot.

      • Libby123


        @CCseaotter what do u mean by vaccine damage?

    • Sugaakaine


      I was 24 when I was diagnosed I’m 31 now but I can definitely relate… I’ve been robbed of my youth😢

    • minionmaniac


      Yes I feel you! I've had lymes since I was 7 and I'm now 21. I was misdiagnosed for 11 years even tho I had a known tick bite at the age of 7. I felt so much better after treatment but I'm now struggling with either a very bad relapse or then I have something more also going on. Living with a debilitating invisible illness is so isolating and it's so frustrating to get diagnosed and treated for it.

    • BenjaminButton2.0


      I’m 24 but was diagnosed with Lyme when I was 10 and since then I’ve developed two types of arthritis and so many complications.. oh it for sure ruined me physically I’ve felt like I was born Benjamin Button

    • Chronicalyme


      I am turning 24 next week! I am losing my home, my dogs, I’ve lost my job, and obviously my health. The rock bottom I am hitting was something I never thought possible. I am so sorry💚

    • lovelylo


      SAME. i’m 24!!!!

    • Nat_Nat


      I agree! I got sick at 16 and have dealt with Lyme Disease for 6 years. It feels like it ruined my life before I even got to start it. I have changed so many things to make living day-to-day easier, but everyday is still so hard. I struggle with having any hope for my future

    • Piper2022


      I was 29 and newly married when I first got sick. I am so sorry you have to deal with this monster.

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