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Hello Peeps, would love to make some friends on here. I have a whole list of medical issues as long as your arm. But i try to stay positive and bubbly and slightly crazy. Hard though when i have very few people to share things with. I don't get out much to socialise so i enjoy chatting on line. Drop me a line and tell me a bit about yourself.

    • Kelliemoon


      Hi Vivian, my name is Kellie, I totally understand what you’re going through. I have so many problems with my health. I have been suffering for the last 13 years with back problems. I had two fusions I still suffer with pain. the last few days my back has been out can’t even walk or move or twist or bend it’s been a little crazy. But today it feels better so that’s a plus I can actually walk. anyway, I would love to converse with you. I hope your day is going well.

      • Vivivan


        @Kelliemoon hi there, hope you are not feeling so bad today. life with all these conditions is so frustrating. My mind wants to get so much done but my body is just not capable anymore. Im 55 and feel like im 70. My Parents can do more than i can and they are in their mid 80's! Where are you from? , im in Plymouth UK. I have 4 children, so diagnosed with autism and /or adhd. 3 are still living at home. The eldest is 26 and the youngest is 17. I need to go and get my sons up for college now but hope we can chat later.

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