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I’ll start with this Yes I am on meds I see a councilor I see a psychiatrist I’ve tried groups I am a bipolar anxiety disorder unspecified psychosis man who is looking for friends I’m not going to church or a bar or a dance club to look I cannot just walk up to a stranger and say hi I need a friend. I also have this issue is that I want female friends to be emotional with I’m not good at sharing deep pain with other men, I’m not looking for a “girlfriend “ But a girl friend one who gets me and one who will let me cry on their shoulder if I have an episode and I’d really like it to be someone local who can spend time with me a text friendship just isn’t what I’m looking for I need a hug every now and then and I need conversations with depth and meaning. So far I’ve been accused of being desperate when I share these feelings hey guess what ? I am! It’s a need not a want and absolutely no I will not join a dating service / site that’s not what I’m looking for I live in Okc I’m 48 employed no record live on my own and have nothing but time and time is trying to drive me mad 405-836-9000 text encouraged I’m open to suggestions Bear

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      First I'm a dude in ca yeah but u dont want a text chat so yeah ...but just so u know ur not alone bro ...manic depressive...and bad arteritis...I'm not on meds ...raw doging...but I understand the need for emotional attachment and I'm sorry I can't help ....but I'm here just fyi k

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