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:c has anyone gone yrs without their period and had it come back? I keep reading online abt how if you haven't had a period in 12 months, you'll start menopause, is that true? I have PCOS and I was taking birth control for 3 years. I stopped in April 2023 and my period hasnt showed up since. They were rly irregular before, longest I've ever gone without one was six months. This is the longest its ever been and I'm starting to get rly anxious.

    • rhi950


      I lost my period for just over a year and had it return so no I don't think so. ❤️ I'm not an expert, but I know birth control seriously messes with your hormones, and with PCOS, your period may not have returned because your hormones aren't balanced, but I could be wrong - definitely get a blood test. I know of people who restored their period (who hadn't had it for +1 year) through a carnivore or at least a meat based diet. There are lots of testimonials online if you want to look at it yourself, but regardless of what you do, I hope you get better

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Based on the shared experiences, it is not uncommon for individuals with PCOS to go long periods without a period. One person mentioned going two and a half years without a period before it started again irregularly. Another individual stated they hadn't had a period in over six years due to severe PCOS. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional about your specific situation as these are personal experiences and may not apply to everyone.

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