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I am not even sure where to start but here goes; I have been semi-knowingly living with Lyme since I was bit by a tick and had a severe reaction when I was 26. I was discounted at the hospital and by 2 doctors that said I couldnt get Lyme even with a giant bullseye and a a week long fever. I am now 40 and have 2 small children I am with all day every day. I spent 20 years in the military and feel like I only made it out because I was medically retired during Covid. I am now trying to process decades of trauma, abuse, and live with what some days feels like being on the brink of death, esp when I have a flare and my bp drops dangerously low. My wife is 10 years younger and very healthy and enjoys a very active life, which leaves me seriously struggling to keep up but I manage, even if it means feeling horrible for 2-3 days after something. But after being so focused on my health for the past year and a half and becoming fully immersed in diet and understanding the multiple things I am living with, she wants to live apart and doesn't like being around me. I guess my question is this, and it seems so depressive and empty to ask this there any hope? I started treatment for Lyme, both antibiotics and the Zhang Protocol, a week ago, but feel freaking ridiculously horrible. I know you have to feel better to feel worse, but then as soon as I do feel better, the inevitable departure of my wife is looming over my head. This seems more like a vent or rant and for that I am sorry. But just running on the last bit of fumes and hope there is some light in this never-ending abysmal tunnel.

    • MikeE75


      I have been in a similar situation since 2010. I never had any evidence of getting a tick before the Lymes symptoms started. I just started getting symptoms in 2011. I went to many many many doctors for years and was even tested twice for Lymes during the early years, they simply ran the wrong type of Lymes test. I was living with my fiance and our combined family of 5 kids. She tried to understand what was happening to me, but in the end, i realized i was living with a selfish person that truly only cared about herself. Our relationship ended in 2016, and it seemed at the beginning that we would remain friends and courteous to each other, but then she decided to become involved with a child rapist/abuser that controlled her life for over 3 years. I was not diagnosed properly by a doctor until 2017, by the time i had received good antibiotics, i had already gone through hell from the Lymes. It felt like every day something was taking my mind a piece at a time. Chronic Fatigue was a constant issue. I was lucky i finally found a doctor that thought to try the correct Lymes test, but that is where it ended, every time i went back to the doctor for help with the symptoms, she could only do spine correction treatments and the same advice.. "It can take up to 6 months to recover from the symptoms" It took me 3 YEARS for symptoms to reduce and eventually end. .. at least for awhile. The last time i studied the subject of Lymes, "Chronic Lymes" is not a accepted illness by most doctors. There were/are only a handfull of clinics that deal with an ongoing CL. Most doctors might abandon you after they believe they treated the illness, but the fact is, it remains in the body. Once the disease in embedded in the body, it fortifies itself so that antibiotics will only kill a certain amount of the disease, and you might feel better for awhile, but then get symptoms again months later. 5 years now since my "cure" , i am still fighting off symptoms and i decided to just get my own antibiotics and take them when i feel i am feeling sick again. It is not a good solution because continual antibiotic use eventually makes you sick from the usage alone. I could blame my relationship situation and the mistakes i made raising kids on having Lymes, but that is just an excuse. Lymes helped destroyed my life and i am now just a shell of the person i once was, i feel that person will never return, so i had to build a new life on the person i am now, for the sake of my children. My best advice to you is... find people that understand your situation, talk to a therapist that is trained to help people with medical problems. There are clinics that claim they can cure Lymes, find them and keep trying to cure yourself. As far as i know, people that have Chronic Lymes are in no mans land, there is not enough medical research in that area. My information is out of date, but my best advice is, if Lymes has wrecked your life, you need to pick up the pieces and form a new one with them, no one is going to do it for you.

    • Tick


      Lyme disease sucks. I got really sick did IV and antibiotics and got better but not near myself. I don't follow the diets which may be a mistake but so much was taken away I'm not going to lose the food I enjoy too. As for your wife I say give it your all to try to keep her. You don't want to look back and regret not trying. Don't worry if it becomes too much you'll realize it. It might also help if she does leave because you'll know that you tried and she still wanted to leave. Just remember if she's not happy in the relationship then you're not going to be happy either.

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