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Being a hypochondriac is hard .. feeling like something is wrong every single second of the day. I try and take my mind off it by being on social media looking at funny videos and there’s always something that pops up of someone dying.. then I try to watch tv/a movie and there’s always a part or a commercial where something tragic happens.. I go outside or to an open peaceful area to get away from everything yet it’s still on my mind.

    • lionmoons


      it’s really, really hard. i hate it. i’ve finally had enough of it and i made a point to stop googling symptoms and to remove myself from spaces that dwell on people asking for reassurance. i’m on 2 weeks of not googling symptoms as of today and i think it improved my mood. i still worry but i don’t google things. i used a site blocking app to block sites like webmd and healthline and i’m using a habit tracking app to see how long i can go without googling. the tracking app has helped me a lot- i’ve had urges to google symptoms but i’ve resisted because i don’t want to lose my streak. if that sounds like something that would help you, i hope you can give it a try. hypochondria sucks and i genuinely think it’s made everything in my life worse.

    • bugaboob


      i feel you, i'm actually sick, but doctors don't listen until it's too late sadly. it's put so much fear into me that i'll just see other people dying or having something wrong and then i'm like oh shit its gonna happen to me its gonna happen to me ! but it never does lol its hard to get used to but we're gonna be okay

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