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Hi everyone! I’m here to share my story. Early 2007 I started having lower back pain and headaches. My headaches went away after seeing a chiropractor for 6 or so months and years later switching to a new chiropractor in 2013. All my pain traveled north into my left shoulder behind my shoulder blade. It was diagnosed in 2015 that I have a winged scapula. Now my range of motion is extremely limited. My arms and grip strength is extremely weak. I can barely carry a gallon of milk without putting a lot of stress on my muscles. Now I’m forced to lay on my right side as I sleep at night because my left shoulder cannot have any weight put on it other than the pressure from a massage I get every now and then from my man. I have always had trouble sleeping at night and staying asleep. Without my Gabapentin, I wake up every 2 or 3 hours tossing and turning. Now, it feels like the pain is everywhere and I’m convinced from reading symptoms of Fibromyalgia that I have it. Is it possible I’ve had this the entire time and the doctor just overlooked the possibility because I wasn’t 25 yet? Also, my pain specialist has tried a number of different methods to help my pain. I’ve tried everything other than an epidural. I hate needles. I have been diagnosed with: Chronic headaches/pain Winged scapula Scoliosis Depression Anything helps, I’d love to know your guys back story !

    • Kierstyn


      It’s very possible you do! I would definitely see a rheumatologist. I started noticing a lot of pain in my knees and back when I was 14 years old. I loved running but I noticed a lot of pain in my knees then I was diagnosed with tendinitis in both knees and my lower back was leaning slight to the left. After years of doctors and chiropractor appointments, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2016. I was put on Gabapentin which honestly has helped with my pain a lot! I’ve noticed that fibromyalgia has so many symptoms and a lot of different conditions that coincide with fibromyalgia. Like depression, anxiety and etc coincide with fibromyalgia a lot.

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